Arson Fire

You simply cannot leave the Isle of Wight without an "Arson-Fire". Made here at Adgestone Vineyard, we use one of the hottest chilli peppers in the world, the Dorset Naga. We have Jams, Marmalades, Savoury Dipping Sauces and even Chilli Chocolate Liqueur, all with a cheeky kick that will leave you in no doubt that you just love an Arson-Fire!!!

 Arson Fire, the story behind its birth, Click To See

  • Arson Fire Dipping Sauce

    Arson Fire Dipping Sauce - £ 4.20

    No dipping crackers are complete without this fruity spiced sauce. Drizzle over chicken salad, or pep up that cheese on toast.

  • Arson Fire liqueur

    Arson Fire Chilli Chocolate Liqueur

    -£ 10

    Liven up that party! Taken as a shot, its seriously good as a warmer around the evening BBQ. Not recommended for Scaredy Cats!

  • Arson Fire Jam

    Arson Fire Raspberry Jam - £ 4.20

    The perfect match for your cheese canap├ęs, or spread on toast for the brave breakfast eater.

  • Arson Fire Marmalade

    Arson Fire Marmalade - £ 4.20

    Drop a spoonful in the middle of your baked Camembert for that sweet savoury spiced crusty bread dip.