Country Wines

Pure fresh country wines made from our own wild hedgerows. We planted 600 young trees and shrubs in the vineyard to act as windbreaks for the vines. All of them with a mind to make delicious fruit wines. From Elder and Blackthorn to the "not so planted" Nettle Wine. All our country wines are seasonal, so stocks may vary.

  • Sweet Elder Flower

    Sweet Elder Flower - £ 10.49

    Filled with the aroma of sweet flowers. Beautiful on its own, or mixed with Prosecco for a gorgeous summer cocktail. 14% Alc

  • Blackberry & Elder

    Blackberry & Elderflower - £ 10.49

    Sumptuous deep pink, sweet and full of the taste of summer. 11% Alc

  • Ginger Wine

    Ginger Wine - £ 10.49

    Grown here at the vineyard. It's a match for any sweet ginger lovers. On it's own, or with a splash of whiskey. 12% Alc

  • Dr Fawcett's Elixir

    Dr Fawcett's Elixir - £ 10.49

    The doctor's medicine. Concocted by our own resident Dr Caroline Fawcett. Guaranteed to remedy any ailments...mmmm, maybe not, but a great excuse for Lavendar & Blackberry wine. 11% Alc