English Wine

Our English wines are grown, produced & bottled here at Adgestone

  • Blush

    Blush - £ 11.49

    A light fresh rose with ripe fruit aromas. Lychee in colour with soft citrus notes. Simply irresistable on a hot day. 2016 & 2017 WVA award winner.

  • Medium Wight

    Medium White - £ 11.49

    Buttery and soft with lightly toasted French Oak. If you like an oaked Chardonnay style, this one is for you xx 2017 English Wine award winner (WVA)

  • Full Bodied Red

    Full Bodied Red - £ 13.49

    A rich blackberry and caramel aroma with a distinct blend of fruit and smoked oak to taste. An English rarity and 2016/17 award winner!!

  • Dry Wight

    Dry Wight - £ 11.49

    With a distinct aromas of fresh green apple and citrus. Our award winning Dry Wight is clean, crisp and light. Seyval Blanc & Phoenix.